What makes iPads good POS systems?


What’s one of the most annoying things that you can experience when purchasing products/services in a physical store? Most people will provide the same answer – long queues. This is something that retailers find annoying too. This standing in a straight line for ten, twenty or more minutes is a time that both consumers and retailers can use for something more productive. This is where iPads come into play.

There are specially designed mobile payment applications which are compatible with Apple iPad and iPhone and they can serve as independent Point of Sale systems. For example, the sellers can take a credit card or cash payment and process it through these apps, scan barcode items or print a receipt. The best part is that they can do this from any place they want.

Applications like Shopify POS, Square and Cashier are perfect for medium-sized and small businesses. There are many individual merchants that use their iPads as POS systems too. They come with a straightforward interface and anyone can integrate them with the existing inventory management system. Additionally, they are offering customer tracking systems and reporting.

Using iPad as a sophisticated Point of Sale system will bring you many benefits like the simple migration of employees, customers, services and products and integration with pin and chip technology for better security. It’s very easy to train employees to use these systems. The owners can set different levels of permissions for different operations.

Another great thing about iPads used as POS systems is the fact that they have a high level of mobility. With this mobility, you can take orders from any place you want. Once you enter the order you can share with the rest of the staff making things faster and easier. For example, you can enter an order in a restaurant at the table and the staff in the kitchen will get the instructions right away. Furthermore, an iPad POS system allows customers to pay on the spot. There is no need to go back to the register to give a receipt. We have already mentioned that you can get quick reports about the current situation with your business. In addition, you can check historical data and make a better analysis.

Using this kind of POS system is much cheaper compared to traditional POS systems. You will get real-time information and better mobility too. All these things make iPad (and mobile) POS systems a must for modern retailers.