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When you hire me you’ll get:

  • Writing that is clear and compelling
  • Writing tailored to your audience
  • Writing that is accurate and well-sourced

My qualifications? Here are some of them…

 - Websites: I’ve written thousands of pages for my own and clients’ websites.

- Articles: I’ve written and distributed over 1,000 articles to promote my websites. Here’s a screen shot from one of the directories used.

 -  Books: When John Wiley & Sons came to me to write “101 Weird Ways to Make Money,” I completed it ahead of schedule. I appeared on Fox News and other television programs to promote it.

 - Ezines: Over the years I’ve produced more than fifteen newsletters, e-mail courses and other e-mail products.

- E-books: I’ve written, published, and sold more than twenty e-books (PDF, Kindle, and other formats).

- Blog Posts: I have a blog on the Huffington Post, one of the most-visited websites in the world. I’ve also written hundreds of posts for various clients’ blogs.

- Ghost Writing: I’ve produced numerous articles for clients who needed to put their own names on the work.

I’m Ready to Be Your Writer

You’ll find samples of my work linked to in the side bar to the right. Use the form below to contact me. You can also contact me via my business or personal email (the first is forwarded to the second for my convenience anyhow):


How Much?

Pricing depends on your requirements, of course, but I understand that you might want to have some idea of what I charge, so here are some recent examples of work I’ve done and what I charged.

  • $143 for a 750-word ghost-written article that required hours of research.
  • $100 for a 1,500-word “top 10″ article.
  • $75 each for dozens of 700- to 1,300-word informational blog posts with in-text links to sources.
  • $40 for articles that required little research.
  • $30 per hour for a project that included several types of writing.

Use the contact form below to tell me what you need, and I’ll let you know what I can do for you.

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